Historic Restoration

Greek Orthodox Church

When undertaking this restoration is was necessary to work in conjunction with a professional scaffolding company to ensure safety and enable access to perform specialty work on the tile roof and also the lead coated copper gutters and leaders.

We also worked with salvage companies to search for matching tiles for the roof. We were able to find enough for the renovation and more for future work if necessary. Lead coated copper flashing was replaced on the turret wall as well as custom stainless steel snow guards.

Jacob Purdy House Historic Renovation

Our company was honored to be selected to renovate this historic building occupied by our Founding Father George Washington as his headquarters from 1776-1778. The renovation was in keeping with the period style at that time in our history.

We used Cedar Wood Shingles for the roofing material. The chimney flashing was done in a lead coated copper installed in a staircase pattern. The gutters of that time were built into the structure. Our company rebuilt the interior of the gutters and lined them with lead coated copper. The leaders installed were round copper.

All of the copper work was soldered as best trade practice from the time period.